Day #1

Day #1

Today I am grateful for this flower in my garden. I noticed it as I went to put the bins out this evening. After a bit of a bumpy weekend, it reminded me of hope, renewal, of growth despite adversity (that would be my lack of gardening skills!), and beauty amongst thorns.


My Gratitude Project

Gratitude. A wise woman once told me that gratitude was the antidote to negativity. That simple piece of advice has stuck with me, particularly at times when I’ve felt down or started seeing things negatively. Over the past few weeks, I have thought more and more of how to cultivate gratitude in my life. I thought I might get the gratitude symbol tattooed somewhere, a constant reminder, but I’m not sure if it will hold the same significance when (hopefully) I’m 80 years old. Then I heard about and I was inspired. Check out the site for more information, but basically, the project involves taking a photo each day of something for which you are grateful, and reflecting on it. Sold, I’m in.

As much as I would like to share this project with my family and friends, doing so on facebook felt like one step too far on the road to narcissicm. So here we are, I have a blog, and this is my gratitude project.